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[28 Mar 2006|02:38am]
Okay thats it.
I'm getting a new journal.
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[27 Mar 2006|09:03pm]
So i have decided that i am going to get a ukelele
definite definite definite
and they're very cheap
I have found that i can buy one for 16 pounds on e-bay
AND it comes with a harmonica
£5 for postage and packaging
I have £4
i'll do my brothers washing up for £10
and then i need an extra seven
i have a week to raise seven pounds

Must. get. It. Done
then all i need is a tambourine
and i'm musically complete

I also have a full well rounded highschool experience now

I got a volleyball kicked into the side of my head as i was standing around doing nothing
you know like what happens to the geeky kids in movies
I've had balls in the face before, sure
but never been hit as perfectly as that

I am now. A stereotype
Oh yes, it feels good.
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[27 Mar 2006|01:53am]
A thought just struck me
a rather conceited thought
but a thought indeed

I might compile all the stories i have done for various people
edit them slightly
work on some of the tales i told my cousin as bedtime stories
do some illustrations
and produce a small book

Maybe, so.
worth it?

Well, if i can sell one or two

and hey
why not.

I should do that.
Yes i should
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Sunday [26 Mar 2006|05:03pm]
I have lots and lots of homework
I don't want to doo it though
I'm wearing Katy's tiara.

Do comment on yesterdays photos
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Todays been so awesome [25 Mar 2006|11:29pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So so SO awesome

So i went to manchester
which was coolya

I saw Katy <3
And hung with peoples
and my brother was around
so came and gave me a tenner
which i promptly spent on a CD 
And i got a bus pass
and i feel bad
'cuz i barely saw Myk, but whatever
I forgot his present
i spent so long on it last night
well actually
i didn't spend very long at all
in respect to what it is
(painting yeah)
but it's the effort and the thought and the fact that i couldn't be arsed, but i did anyways

so yeah
it started raining aswell

then katy and becky went in the toilets to drink alcohol
but i couldn't have any
cuz i had to go to fred n' charlies band practise
and i doubt me being drunk would've gone down well
so i was waiting outside and went to talk to Joey
and we ended up going to smiths to get some batteries and such
and he waited with me to get the free bus
he's a doll
But i was late for my tren by TWO MINUTES

Being at band practise was totally awesome


I'm in a band and i can't even play a cool instrument.
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Even Hanns Christian Anderson [25 Mar 2006|12:16am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Friday, eh?
School was tiresome.
Which iz gay.
BCS was very borink, we've already studied spreadsheets so much it hurts
I was pleased with myself in Spanish
I wrote my entire oral in the one hour
which everyone else did too
but i usually don't get mine finished
and get very stressed and frantic because i don't actually know very much spanish at all
But i was calm and collected today, and easily found what i needed in my books
I fell asleep in Geography
I swear i'm going to flunk that exam
i don't have half the work we've done
And in ICT i drew a picture on MS paint
it's the awesomest
but i saved it to photobucket straight away
without realising its automatically saved on paint as a .bmp so it got resized, yo.
Image hosting by Photobucket

At home i worked on my new myspace page
And a filum is all up and running and snazzy =D

and i made me a cool background
but i miss photoshop
nothing quite matches it, really


And fullfilling my artistic duties to Fred, i made them a background yesterday, but it' ghey, and i'm going to change it


I can't draw for tits, really.

And lastly, my other artistic duties
i made Jon a background last night
cuz he was sounding down
and i promised to a while ago
and i had a plan
i was jsut yet to put it into action...
i like this one better anyhoo


I'm way way way looking forward to tomorrow

Image hosting by Photobucket

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[23 Mar 2006|09:53pm]
I'm now involved in the construction of Tomorrows Excuse's website
me and Fred got rather excited aboot it in Science
And i made myself a Video myspace
i really wanna make a film film kinda thing when i'm finished with the holiday movie
a short film of course
But something
Natalie introduced me to Fiest
man, they're awesomeeeee.
My computer's mega fooked up
I really wanna edit some of the holiday footage
but its all on mums laptop
and it's getting late
and i haven't really done anything this evening


i'm not in the mood.
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[22 Mar 2006|10:52pm]
I'd forgot how much fun webcam party's are
Image hosting by Photobucket

And i like to strike me poses

Image hosting by Photobucket
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I'm just consistently inconsistent [22 Mar 2006|09:54pm]
[ mood | not too high ]

I have rekindled my love for Hot Hot Heat lately.

I also feel valued artistically
and my disappointment for this weekend has been cured

Because, i have been invited to drop on down to Fred and Charlie's band practise on sunday

And they've appointed me their artistic manager

and i'm working on their myspace page

I need to make a cool banner or something
and a background.
mmmm, yes.

I need to update my own myspace

anyone reading this
you should support them


I wrote them a fairy tale.
it's the bestest
'cause i'm just that awesome

I wish i could say something to Shelley
which'd make her feel better.
she's falling out with Fred and Charlie
and feeling undervalued

I wanna paint a jukebox.
I have a canvas lying around here somewhere

it's thursday tomorrow
then friday
i probably won't get drunk :(
well, apart from in the day on saturday
'cause fred wouldn't be able to come to charlies
maybe i'll ask mum if i can have my hair dyed on the saturday morning at the hair dressers
i really really need a trim.

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Fucking Desperate [21 Mar 2006|10:49pm]
I really am
Its a disgrace.

In other news
I'd like to dye my hair bright red
And mum hasn't said no
I'm getting drunk this weekend
i don't care who with
People have stood me up this weekend
and it's really pissed me off
'cause they made a big deal about me going away

but katy's coming
And man, i adore katy.
without her, well.

I'm working on changing myself.
needs to be done
from time to time
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Pinhigh Place [20 Mar 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | headachey ]

It feels good to be backkk
i never realised how valued i was :P
"Ohmigosh, its Jesus"
yes I am the messiah

the "jetlag" hit in the afternoon
i'd been fine all yesterday
and woke up all la-dee-da this morning
then kinda blanked out
like ZONK
and couldn't stop falling asleep
And i was having a piano lesson
And i couldn't read the music or anything
then i really badly fell asleep in english
my teacher i think gave up waking me up after a while
Charlie said we'd watched some films
or something
Man, i had such a headache
then i had a nap when i came hom
and i'm okay.
little lightheaded

I like england alot better than america
riding on the bus this morning :)
Mmm mm mmmmmm
the busyness, the colours, the architecture
we're just coming out of winter too
one of the best times of year

School itself was okay
i'mma have to work hard to catch up in art
I need to photocopy some sheets in geography
We have a trip to manchester in a couple of weeks
most people say they're just going to go off and doss around
i'll take my camera
I have no moneyfor shopping
(maybe a CD or two...)
And its the same day as Placebo
and the next day is the Mighty Boosh
and then its the last day of term
which is always super
and its a none uniform dayio
Aharr =D
that'll be a good week

Apparently one of the teachers at my school has information about film course and competitions and whatnot
and that if anyone is interested they should see her
(it was in the notices)
i'm interestedd
but i'm no good at talking to people
but it made me check out some summer courses and stuff
and there's this aewsome one in cambridge
run by the New York film academy
(New york!)
For four weeks
but it's mega mega expensive
i might see if i can go if the school bursary system is still open
i have a feeling the deadline was in february
and i wouldn't wanna be away for four weeks

anyone with £3400 wanna come to Cambridge and make films?

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Try your best to float [19 Mar 2006|04:00pm]
I'm home!
I'm home!
The flight was horrible
I almost broke out in tears as we took off, i was so afraid
But i couldn't, 'cause i'm 14
so i had a quiet little sob in the toilet when the seatbelt light went off
but it was still really bumpy
so it went back on while i was sat on the loo
And i didn't really do anything during the flight
and it was really really horribly cramped
on the way, i was next to a window, in a nice corner
but i had my mum and cousin on either side of me
And we were supposed to sleep 'cause it was an overnight flight
but i couldn't
i took loads of kalms
didn't help one bit
And it was horrible, yah
next time, I'm going by cruise liner
They played Walk the Line
but edited alot out
and my earphones only played in one ear
so i played solitaire on my mums PDA

since being at home, i have bathed, slept and started unpacking
I can't think of anything particularly interesting to talk about
my, what i just babbled about was boring
I'll go :)
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Share time. [16 Mar 2006|03:58am]
Oh yeah, i was named after a Madonna song

"Dear Jessie"

Baby face don't grow so fast
Make a special wish that will always last
Rub this magic lantern
He will make your dreams come true for you

Ride the rainbow to the other side
Catch a falling star and then take a ride
To the river that sings and the clover that
Brings good luck to you, it's all true


Pink elephants and lemonade, dear Jessie
Hear the laughter running through the love parade
Candy kisses and a sunny day, dear Jessie
See the roses raining on the love parade

If the land of make believe
Is inside your heart it will never leave
There's a golden gate where the fairies all wait
And dancing moons, for you

Close your eyes and you'll be there
Where the mermaids sing as they comb their hair
Like a fountain of gold you can never grow old
Where dreams are made, your love parade


Your dreams are made inside the love parade
It's a holiday inside the love parade

On the merry-go-round of lovers and white turtle doves
Leprechauns floating by, this is your lullaby
Sugarplum fingertips kissing your honey lips
Close your eyes sleepy head, is it time for your bed
Never forget what I said, hang on you're already there

Close your eyes and you'll be there
Where the mermaids sing as they comb their hair
Like a fountain of gold you can never grow old
Where dreams are made, your love parade


Pink elephants?! Lemonade?! Leprachauns?! Rainbows?! Mermaids?!
Ohhh yeahhhh
How cool are those lyrics?
I'm yet to actually hear the song
i keep forgetting
we were talking about it earlier
hence why i remembered, and felt necessary to shareshareshare on my livejournal
I post too much, yah.
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Wiggly Wednesday [16 Mar 2006|03:41am]
I have done considerably little today...
Refused to get out of bed early
But went to Typhoon Lagoon in the day
Stayed a nice temperature fully clothed
And i tested out my new pens in my new sketchbook
They're prettay cool
but a few of the colours are a bit muddy

Image hosting by Photobucket

that was the first attempt

Image hosting by Photobucket

and the second
I've noticed i missed a bit of colouring
oh wellll

Then we went to Downtown disney

and we went to the rainforest Cafe

Image hosting by Photobucket
We seem to be looking at a fork

Image hosting by Photobucket

thats the restaurantt, and me doodling on a napkin

and mum got this cool drink
whcih you got a novelty cup and a toy with

so we took a picture
but it came out fuzzy


Image hosting by Photobucket

that meal gave me indigestion so bad.
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Good day [15 Mar 2006|05:11am]
Started terribly
last night was baddd
i'd ran out of kalms
tried to sleep at around midnight but after an hour of tossing and turning just got up
and drew a picture!
Omg?! jess?! you haven't drawn in ages.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Its only a very very bad attempt at ol' Chuck Norris
'cause i read this cool thing in the Guardian Weekender the other week the Chuck Norris taught Donny Osmond martial arts
and thought it was super funny
it fills time right?
I also finished this baby, which i've been working on the past few days, while waiting for parades
and such
Image hosting by Photobucket
The flash kinda blocked out the spongbob sticker
but oh well.
Its not great
it doesn't have a focal point, or a particular subject matter.
No worries, though

I've been using pencil minimally
before the whole pen thang

So then today!
We went to Universal Studios
i liked it much better than Disney

And i had a pretty cool time
went on lotsa stuff
got lotsa stuff =D

I now have some shrek ears
and some spongebob day of the week panty's
now i can co-ordinate my days and underwears
And a sew on Gary Patch :)

And my cousin bought me a spongebob purse
how many aww's?
it was way cute
but i don't really like spongebob that much
he just has the damn best merchandise
i've seen all the episodes way too many times
but hey
Lots! of good fun!

And then we went to walmart again
and bought cheap art supplies
including some mightygood pens
and cheapcheapCHEAP acrylic paints
good ones too.

And now i'm supposed to be doing my art homework
how gay
i';m pretty stressed out about it, actually
i have alot to get done before i get back
or i'm going to be way too behind
and the footage off my video camera has taken up tooo much room on my mums computee
alll the room
so i have to get all that on disks aswell tonightish

arr well
i'm pretty happy today
tomorrow we're going to typhoon lagoon again
nice n' relaxxeeddd.

Photo time

Image hosting by Photobucket

The girls, yo.
i'm going to need some serious male company when i'm back :P
Too much girltalk
and stuff

Image hosting by Photobucket

the cousin and i
That entity on her head is a spongebob and patrick refillable drink cup
You buy them for so much, then refill them all day around the park for cheaper than buying a new coke each time you need a drink
and its way cute

Image hosting by Photobucket

we were sat at a table
and i snapped

i thought it was pretty artistic

My auntie's too hard on my cousin
even if she is annoying
all seven year olds are.
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Two days [13 Mar 2006|03:49am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I just ate some ice cream :)
Mother didn't let me on the computer last night
'cause she decided we all had to go to bed early
'cause we were out late watching fireworks
and we had to get up early today
so it was a
Staring At The Ceiling night last night
I had a lie in yestarday
And then we went to the Magic Kingdom in the aftarnoon
but it was wayyy too hot

Image hosting by Photobucket

And I took photos of balloons
Then gave mum the camera

Image hosting by Photobucket

Holiday's are like, constant bad hair days...
Did i loook like i wanted a photo?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then i pinched the camera to take a picture of the chairs
'cause they were way cute
but i had to stretch around and over the table
so its a weird photo

Image hosting by Photobucket

Heheh, they bought us matching headbands
I can't smile
And my hair gets worse! arr!
'cause we'd been on a log flume
and hotshit
they turn me into a nervous WRECK

Image hosting by Photobucket

So we were waiting to watch cinderellabration
And mum decided to take a photo
and at first i put bunny ears behind my auntie's head
but moved them
as the photo was taken
she was just calling me a bitch
Happy families :)

I'm totally attatched to that shirt now.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me in the way
Sharon trying to dodge out of it
Silly woman

Image hosting by Photobucket

Cinderella's castle in all its glory
With someone's head in the corner

Image hosting by Photobucket

Cinderellabration in full swing

Image hosting by Photobucket

I took my cousin on the teacups
and this boy behind us was on his own
and asked if he could ride with us
and i said yah sure!
So we made a new friend
and i do hope he's okay
because as i was waving and wooping for that photo
(i don't remmeber looking such a tit, i rememer doing the peace fingers, but clearly not)
he said "I wish it could be happy like that in america"
and then when it was over, and i'd wished him a nice day
he went off to wherever
but he was really on his own
he didn't go to a parent or adult
mum said maybe he was with older brothers or sisters who'd left him
which seems likely
i do hope he's okay
and safe
maybe we brought some WOOSH to his day? he was smiling and laughing alot on them teacupses.

Image hosting by Photobucket

The castle by night?
Kinda creepy for disney, nay?

Image hosting by Photobucket

So that was that
Then today!
We had to wake up early and go to animal kingdom
which ruled
I went on a rollercoaster
It was so cool though
i screamed the shit out of the poor guy who had to sit next to me though
bah well
it was really really hot again
but i got some Tigger ears =D
And a whole bunch of vintage disney stickers
And a Jack Skellington pen :)
Yay for credit cards!

There weren't many pictures today
mum tried to take a picture of me and abbie playing bongos
but one didn't come out
and 'cause it was too bright to see the screen n the digital camerara
the only one that took was of abbie's feet
but i thought it was artistic
so i cropped it and voila

Image hosting by Photobucket

tomorrow = rest day
Mmm :)

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Well it serves you right, for kissing little girls. [11 Mar 2006|04:07am]
[ mood | sad ]

Today, i've been very much into the Dresden Dolls.

We went to Kennedy Space Centre and had a jolly old time
mostly in the gift shop
I now have a t-shirt that says "Rocket Scientist"
to assert my endless intelligence upon my peers.
And some astronaut patches
so i too can pretend i went to space.
I think russians have a way better name for them
HOW cool?
It was a pretty interesting day.
in a very dull way, like.
Larry, our tour guide was extensively adorable.
"Isn't that amazing folks? simply amazing."
He "Yeehawed" alot.
I spend the tourbus journey writing a story though
it was so enthralling :P

Mum had the camera today
and was snaphappy
so i didn't care to resize and border all the pictures
i let photobucket do that

Image hosting by Photobucket

The ring anyone?
Why did she take a picture of me while i was adjusting my shirt... :|

Image hosting by Photobucket

My cousin, hiding in a little... pod thing...
I can't remember what it was

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Apparently, one of the cardboard astronauts looked like Ben Affleck, so my auntie got some action.

Image hosting by Photobucket

We blend so well.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

ALSO! Check out when i went mexican at Epcot


And my story

There was once a little boy named Betty. When he was just 5 years old, he knew that he wanted to be an Astronaut. He had several reasons for this. Mainly, he was very into Astro-fashion. He spent his days swooning over Ben Affleck swaggering in the finest orange body suits. Also, not being very tall, Betty was very keen on the idea of Moonboots. To betty, there was nothing more and he immediately signed himself up for astronaut training. To study and prepare for his future, Betty asked his parents to get him the full Star Trek box-sets. He quickly learnt about all of the different types of creatures he would encounter while roaming the galaxies. By the age of 7, he was fluent in Klingon and knew every procedure to undertake in the occurence of a borg attack. When he was 10, he went on a school trip to a space museum and spent the day arguing with the tour guide before buying a rocket figurine at the museum gift shop, which he hooked up to the launching station he had constructed from toilet rolls, lolly sticks and bottle tops. For his 15th birthday, Betty's parents took him to Kennedy Space Centre. Tragically so, he died from sheer excitement. All his internal organs simply exploded.

My cousin didn't like it, she said it was stupid.
I thought it was damn inspired.
I might even sell it to the space programme.
Advertising campaign anyone?

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Cowboy Jess [10 Mar 2006|02:57am]
I am Jessie-sue after all.
We went shoppink this morning
Again, yo.
I got!
New long short things, which look coo-ell
A BRIGHT GREEN emo belt.
Finally. the fad's kinda finishing, i think, but it's bright green
so i'm hip and cool
Underpants with ducks on them :)
And a cowboy shirrttt =D
Ohcha, and a pink cowboy hat :P

I think that was it...

Then once we were shopped we ate subway
It's way better in the UK
Isn't it originally from Americaca though?

Then we went to a water park for a couple of hours
which was gay
'cause i had unshaven legs, yo
And my shorts had shrunk in the wash :(!
So i was feeling very very insecure and uncomfortable
But alas, i sat on a lounger with a towel wrapped around my lower half for the entirety of our stay
And started to draw.
which after some time actually attracted a small crowd of people.
Who were very impressed
Which made me very happy
because it was only a doodle
I had forgotten my pencil case, so was stuck with just a pen
and a floppy sketchbook, so not much to lean on.

So yeah, egoboost anyone?

Then we went to Bargain world, which shelley had told me I had to go to.
But it was just a large gift store...

And finally, we ate at Pizza Hut.

Tomorrowsa we're going to Kennedy Space Centre.
Which shall be fun
In a sense
talkin' to some astronauts.
Or whatever
I don't knowwww
I don't like it here
And people have stopped e-mailing me.
Apart from my Daddy =D
I got an e-mail from him today-i-oooo.
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Jess finally learns to use chopsticks. [09 Mar 2006|05:39am]
Touching, really.
Yes i'm wearing a beret and a kermit t-shirt.
A preview of the whole movie?
We know it'll never get finished
I already have almost two hours of footage to trawl through.


One of many ventures
Others include
"Jess acts as a mime"
"Marvin Breakdances"
"Jess dances in a poncho"
"Jess tries on a Sombrero"
and the timeless
"Jess has a rave in Nightvision."

To be uploaded soon!

If i can be bothered, yo.

I'm un-tired.

My cousin laughs in the background of everything.
Seven year olds, eh?
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Subterranean Homesick Alien [09 Mar 2006|04:02am]
I'm feeling really low.
I really wanna go home.
I mean, today's been good, and so was yesterday
I just don't wanna be here.
I'm simply not happy enough.
I miss my home, my friends, and just the daily life i lead
it's not great, really, it's pretty shite.
but i don't like here any better.
I think a week would be enough
i don't want two weeks
i really don't



yesterday we went to Typhoon Lagoon.
And it was pretty amazing actually.
The happiest place on earth
They played the beach boys all day
(well, not the beachboys all the time, music similiar to, ya?)
and i got to drink as much coca cola as i wanted
unfortunately i had at least ten tankards consecutively
and they must be about a pint each
So after i got ill from too much sugar and sun
and stopped drinking
i had a HUGE GIGANTIC caffeine low.
Not nice.
me and mum went on this river with rubber rings, and whatnot,
you just lie on them and float along
and i was fully clothed :P
But they took a picture
and i bought it, oh yeah
and a cookie.

And today we went to epcot.
Which was probably the funnest so far.
that is definitely the bestest
And we watched fireworks
and went to all the different countries in the World Showcase
some of the stuff was pretty lame

Whatever, yo.
I have a mindblank about what happened all the other times in the day

I still have a bad cough
And i'm going to run out of sleeping Kalms pretty soon

Image hosting by Photobucket
Thats Marv the Moose.
Mum was eating chocolate Mousse
so we felt like setting up a little scene
And some coca cola, for refreshment
and product placement purposes :P

Image hosting by Photobucket

The gang, yo.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Mum was sat in Minnies Chair the other day

Image hosting by Photobucket

(I have horrible legs :( )

Image hosting by Photobucket
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